Four Ways To Make Your Holiday Shopping Trips More Back-Friendly


Shopping is one of the key pastimes of the holiday season, but if you're not careful about how you approach it, you could end up experiencing quite a bit of back pain as a result. Follow these tips to prevent your back from becoming sore and achy by the end of your shopping trip. Leave your big purse at home. Your purse may not feel heavy when you first put it on, but walking around with it slung over your shoulder all day can put excess pressure on one side of your back, slowly pulling your spine out of alignment.

14 December 2015

3 Snacks To Eat After A Rolfing Session


Rolfing is designed to improve the alignment of your body through a series of deep movements. While rolfing uses similar techniques that are used in deep tissue massages, it is often a lot more intense than a massage. The process requires the practitioner to use their hands, fists, and elbows to undo any negative alignment that has been caused by gravity. This is often painful and draining on your body. A rolfing session will leave your body feeling like it just completed a high-intensity workout.

10 December 2015

How A Simple Massage Can Help Your Health When You're Often Alone


In this day and age, communication via the internet and mobile phones is easier than ever. While this has led to many conveniences, like communicating with people over long distances and being able to work from home, it can also cause a serious lack of physical connectivity with other people. There are major health and emotional benefits that come from simple human touch, but going to work or seeing friends in-person aren't the only ways to receive these benefits.

9 December 2015

Ideas For Better Posture


Many people want to have better posture, but the habit of bad posture can be hard to break. Here are some ideas that will help you have better posture.  Try an Exercise Ball for Sitting If you are one if the hordes of people with a desk job, keeping good posture through the day is probably challenging. An exercise ball can help you to effortlessly have better posture; it forces you to use your core in order to keep yourself afloat.

7 December 2015

Three After-Care Steps Following A Chiropractic Adjustment


The care of a chiropractor can help to relieve pain from a long list of ailments include a sore neck or back and even chronic headaches. After your initial consultation and assessment with your chiropractor, you'll often go through a treatment plan that includes a series of adjustments over the course of several weeks. Although your chiropractic adjustment isn't likely to be painful, there's a chance that you'll experience some muscle soreness in the hours that follow.

7 December 2015

Find Relief For Your Headaches With These 3 Steps


If you're among the one out of six Americans who suffers from headaches, it's easy to get discouraged and feel that a solution to your discomfort is impossible. There are, however, a variety of ways to get help. Here are three ways that you can work toward headache relief. Keep A Food Journal Making some quick notes in a journal to keep track of what you eat throughout the day can be a valuable way to identify if you have any food sensitivities.

4 December 2015

Three Ways How Inversion Therapy Can Help You Get Rid Of Your Back Problems


Many people have heard of inversion therapy, but the thought of hanging upside down and allowing gravity to pull you down towards the ground is enough to scare some patients. However, the truth is that inversion therapy is an entirely safe and efficient way to treat a number of back problems typically observed in a chiropractor's office. If you're unsure about practicing inversion therapy, read below to learn about three of the proven benefits this treatment can offer you: 

30 November 2015

Three Ways To Spend The Hours After Your Chiropractic Adjustment


When you're looking for a way to get through your back or neck pain, that relief can often come in the form of a chiropractic adjustment. Visiting this health professional for an assessment to determine the cause of your discomfort, followed by a series of adjustments over the course of several appointments, can have you feeling good. It's important to give your body ample time to heal following an adjustment; after all, it's just gone through a major change.

29 November 2015

Veterans: Back And Joint Pain? A Chiropractor Can Help


Military service is full of hardships that can lead to chronic pain. Rough terrain, poor sleeping conditions, combat conditions and constantly unplanned burdens can lead to a body that can summon great feats when needed, but will ache uncontrollably when things slow down. If you're been gritting and bearing the pain, discomfort or even mobility issues, don't settle for another week; a chiropractor can help you, and the Department of Veterans Affairs (the VA) has a responsibility to make those chiropractic visits easier if you put a bit of time in with VA processes.

25 November 2015

Change Your Daily Routine In These Three Ways To Reduce Your Back Pain


Eight out of every 10 people will suffer from back pain at some point in life. If you already count yourself among this group, don't feel as though you need to suffer. An effective way to find relief for your discomfort is through the care of a chiropractor. With a series of adjustments and some suggestions of stretches you can perform at home, your local chiropractor can help you overcome your pain and restore your quality of life.

24 November 2015